Being a Dominant and cultured Woman, I enjoy the finer things in life.

I am IN LOVE with ART. I am happiest when I am attending Art Exhibitions and museums,
but it will be a lifelong dream attending art-centric events in Europe.
Will I travel alone or will you accompany me?

Attending an Opera is one of the items on my “Domme list”. Vienna, Austria, the Opera
Capital of the World is a place that I want to visit to watch my first Opera, with a submissive.
Could this be you?

My dream is to own property or at least have an apartment in Belgium, The Netherlands
and/or Germany. Most of my fans & admirers resided in these countries and I would love
to NOT have to worry about hotel accommodations.

One of my passions in life is to attend wine tastings. I have sampled a few wines from
Italy and France, but I would love to travel internationally, immerse myself in their cultures
and drink wine with a companion.
Is this you?












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